Male Contraception Information Project Press resources

Who we are

The Male Contraception Information Project is entirely nonprofit and works in three areas:

  • raising public awareness of promising nonhormonal male contraceptives
  • advocating increased and expedited government research
  • serving as a resource for journalists who wish to write about the subject

In-depth information on new nonhormonal contraceptives for men

Looking for extensive background and status information on all the nonhormonal male contraceptives being studied worldwide? Want opinions on which are the most promising? You've come to the right place! You'll find details on these and other promising methods:

RISUG: A little goes a long way. Less than a millileter of RISUG can provide ten or more years of contraception.

RISUG ("Vasalgel")
A reversible, non-hormonal injection that provides 10 or more years of contraception

Lightening up: A simple do-it-yourself suspensory using a rubber band can replace years of pills.

Heat methods
Nearly free and have been used by enterprising men since the 1930s

An ultrasound transducer.

A painless, non-invasive procedure that provides long-acting contraception

Tripterygium wilfordii

Plant-based pills
Traditional plants in India, China, and Indonesia that have contraceptive properties- but need to be put into pill form


Resources and help for journalists

Thinking of writing about male contraception? MCIP can make your job easy. You'll find all the facts and statistics you need on the left. For sources and photos, see our press resources section. Need analysis, insight, or a snappy quote? Contact MCIP.

Other resources

Looking for information about clinical trials of hormonal methods? Want to learn about public activism and make your opinion heard? Need to learn more so you can choose among the current male contraceptives in the meantime? Check out the highly recommended advocacy resources at